Friday, April 23, 2010

Water Pressure Rocket

. Friday, April 23, 2010

Pupils will play role as a scientist that:
1) will try to investigating force and energy to understanding that matter exist in the form of solid, liquid or gas,
2) Understanding that matter can change from one state to another,
3) knowing the shapes of objects in structures,
4)understanding the strength and stability of a structure,

in order to complete the project.They will work in groups.
The final report will be present among Science teachers and classmate.
They will prepared powerpoint presentation to present their experiment result.
They will use windows movie maker to display the progress of the experiment.

Pupils will write report using Microsoft Office Word and print out as their scrap book.The result also will be displayed in school website, facebook, and blog and can be view by teachers, parent and other pupils.

Letters and email will be sent to parent regarding this project.School community will be notice by bochures and information from school website.All result will be assessed by teacher and the merit will be announce in the school blog.